About Us

We are based in Melbourne, we have a small team of dedicated Energy Raters, we do our ratings with construction costs in mind, we are dedicated to saving you thousands of dollars in the build.

Recently all thermal performance assessors had to complete a Cert IV in NatHERS assessments

We have competently done so, fully accredited and insured.

Rate Energy; We are accredited in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Canberra and Northern Territory, Our reports will satisfy Surveyors and Councils across Australia.

We are a business focused solely on Energy Rating, we give every project the time it requires to meet all rules and regulations, we do this with you in mind; which is why we involve you from the start of the project til completion. We are very conscious of building costs, you will be given options whether they be insulation or glazing options then proceed in the direction you prefer.

Accredited Assessor means a person accredited by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) or by another organisation accredited by the Department of Planning under the Thermal Comfort Protocol, to issue Assessor Certificates. The role of an Assessor is controlled by the Thermal Comfort Protocol. Department of Planning accredits organisations to then accredit Assessors to conduct simulations for persons wishing to use the Simulation method. The Assessor will simulate your dwelling’s thermal performance and provide you with a Certificate.

We have included a couple of articles that will help answer some questions relating to six star energy rating and how it is achieved.

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